League of Legends, Just another DOTA?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011 28 comments
League of Legends is an extremely interesting and fun game to play, even though the concepts are based on DOTA the actual game play and detailed mechanics of the game prove otherwise. It is much more fun and developed then DOTA.

Playerbase- Very large
File Size- 1GB+
Graphics- High to very high
Publisher- Riot Games

-Huge versatile champion selection 
-Every match is interesting
-A lot of strategy involved
-Great interface/Gameplay

-too team oriented (one baddy can cause loss)
-Very hard game to get good at

When first playing this game there are many things to take into consideration, is how good are you at resisting trolls and keeping your anger in check? This game has many trolls and baddies who will criticize you for how you play and you have to really ignore some comments.

Champion Selection/Etc-
There are a wide variety of champions to choose from such as tanks, dps, carries, healers, assassins, pushers, or nukers. This huge array to choose from really allows you to play a ultra high technique/strategy based game.
(An example picture for a typical start up screen, champions going from left to right. Twitch,Garen,Lux,Master Yi, Evelyn,Shen,Ashe,Ryze,Warwick,Soraka)

Summoner Skills/Talent Tree-
In LoL you can get up to a maximum summoner level of 30, in which you spend talent points into a talent tree that gives you buffs. In addition to a talent tree you can also use summoner skills that help you in the game which usually have quite a long cool down. This game uses a wide variety of different gaming elements to its benefit. 

Overview of Match-
In a typical LoL game you will start off at your nexus(base) with either 4 other teammates or 2 other teammates depending on if you chose 5v5 or 3v3. The first couple minutes you will spend going to your towers that you protect and once minions spawn you are able to start killing money which provide gold or also killing enemy champions which grants gold. The gold can then be used to buy items in the unique shop back at base with items with many different benefits(choose accordingly to your champion). You champions will also gain skill points to level up skills. An average game will take anywhere from 30-60minute (sometimes) more to win, and to win would be to destroy an enemy Nexus(base).

Final Thoughts-
This game is definitely a great free to play mmo. The game is fun and will definitely keep you occupied while even though it features some paying elements it wont affect your playing ability to others who choose to pay to buy things. Definitely a game that will keep you enticed and playing for a long time, hope you enjoyed this review!

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  • To Tipota said...

    You did a great job in summarizing this fun game. Wishing that the average age of its gamers would be higher so this all trolling/tolerance would be avoided. +1 follower.

  • Marc said...

    I didn't like LoL, because some characters had to be paid for. Call me crazy, but I swear some paid characters are far more powerful than the free character I started with.

  • Sylv said...

    Never been very good at DotA myself, but LoL is still fun. Nicely written/summarized. Looking forward to DotA2? I'm pretty pumped for it.

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