Jack3d, Makes You Punch Walls?

Thursday, August 18, 2011 31 comments
Jack3d is a performance enhancing supplement that helps increase your strength and endurance while working out, athletic practice, or any type of physical fitness.

The price of this product is absolutely amazing for what results it can produce. Its a small bottle where you only need to take anywhere from 1-3 scoops (only 5 grams a scoop) to do an extraordinary amount of things. The price is 24.99$ compared to other products such as Syntha-6 (45$) or BSN No-Explode (40$) while still providing a much more stronger drive and having enough servings to last you up to months depending on how much you use. 

Active Ingredients-
The ingredients in this will include things such as caffeine which gives you that insane amount of energy,  creatine which allows you to do that one extra rep you usually cant do, and Beta Alanine which allows your body to move oxygen better but more amazingly all of this is compacted into one scoop of 5 grams.

Side Effects-
There are absolutely no side effects at all in my 2 months of taking this supplement besides the occasional feeling of prickliness on your skin.

Personal Use and How I Liked It?-
For the past two months I have been using this amazing product that has produced amazing results for me. It allows me to run extra miles, do anywhere from 20-50 more pounds on my reps, and while increasing my drive/motivation to want to workout. This is possible the best investment I have made, by buying this product it really has allowed me to workout and continue working out. Below are some pictures of myself up until about 4 weeks, sadly I do not have pictures of my current day which is about 8 days in, but in conclusion THIS IS A MUST HAVE.
 Start- Day 1
 2 Weeks in
4 Weeks in

In a concluding note I'll probably post a follow up blog later on to show my final results and final opinion on this product! Be on the lookout. and don't forget to follow me on my real life twitter account!!/NickZhangg 

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  • Anonymous said...

    Jack3d isnt bad. But I prefer the old Superpump 2 and 250. That stuff was great for me. Obviously everyone is different.

  • Canihas said...

    sounds pretty legit from all the reviews on the website. definitely not a gimmick/joke. gonna try this when the school weight room opens up.

  • ZR said...

    I know lots of people that use Jack3d... it's a bit overpriced... anything that is really popular and mainstream like that is usually overpriced... if everyone wants it, they can get away with it!

    look into piracetam! good stuff!

    also... that pic is sorta unclear man. take like 10 pics at a time, then pick the best-looking one. takes you like 15 extra seconds and can make it a LOT better... it's what the pro's do.

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