Terraria vs Minecraft?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011 24 comments
Terraria is an interesting 2D platform game with many features that you wouldn't expect it to have. Many who look at it notice some of the similarities to Minecraft such as building, trying to survive, mining for minerals, and etc. What I find is that Terraria is actually different in many way's and possibly better than the 3D Minecraft game.

-Wider range of usable weapons and armor compared to Minecraft
-Weapons, tools, or any equip-able item does not degrade
-Bosses, Dungeons, and sky islands (What are sky islands? Click "sky islands")
-Bright colors and entertaining game music
-More fast pace and fighting compared to Minecraft
-Nice and easy multiplayer server set up
-Lack of 3D world may deter you from Terraria
-Can get repetitive at times when starting off
-Looking for materials can become tedious

As you can see below Terraria has a greater variety of items to choose from with a much more awesome looking design's while in Minecraft its quite plain unless you go through the hassle of installing mods.
Left to right (Copper, Iron, Steel, Gold, Meteorite, Jungle, Necro, Shadowscale, Molten)


A wide array of weapons ranging from swords, spears, flails, thrown weapons(ninja stars), explosives, magic spells, and guns. (Picture above is and example of an attainable item, Muramasa Blade. It is found in chests in the dungeons of Terraria.)

A More Realistic Village?-
In Minecraft you could spend hours on building an elaborate city but you can never actually have npc's there to fill in the space and it could get quite lonely. In Terraria though when making a house and room's you can actually draw in a merchant, nurse, demolitionist, arm's dealer, dryad, old man, or a clothier. Though it requires a big enough room, a chair, table, a light source, a door, and a bed to attract npc's as well as other special requirements for specific NPC's. These NPC's will actually walk around during the day and open doors, but then when night fall comes will go back to there room's. Its quite an interesting little feature that makes Terraria a bit less lonely while playing
Examples of NPC's
(Merchant) (Nurse)

A big difference that I feel puts Terraria apart from Minecraft is that you can hunt and kill bosses, or if you have a multiplayer server, with multiple of your friends. Hunting and killing these bosses are enjoyable and often lead to many benefits and rewards which make it very satisfying to kill them.
Skeletron is the end game boss in Terraria. When killed allows access to a dungeon full of riches without the threat of getting harassed by guardians.

Eater of World's is a gigantic worm like creature that when defeated drops valuable loot.

The Eye of Cthulhu is a gigantic eye boss that can be summoned at a demon altar and when defeated, drops valuable loot.

Final Thoughts
This game is an action packed, fun filled, and entertaining game which will definitely have you busy for hours on end. For the price you pay for this game it is definitely worth it and not only that it is constantly updated for more new and better content. If your into a much more achievement filled game, a wider variety of armor/weapons to choose from, and a very smooth/clean running game then this is definitely your best bet for a 2D platform game.

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  • living daily said...

    Nice, you really took your time into this, I love them both but I gotta say that just the fact that minecraft is in 3d makes the game a lot more awesome. I wish they could implement more elements making it a bit more runescapelike.

  • Dark_Charizard said...

    My little bro loved Terraria, but hated Minecraft, good luck this was on sale in Steam, I bought 2 copies for both and the game is amazing! Nice review bro! Keep with the work!

  • Humphrey said...

    Looks like someone is trying to ride the wave of the other, ill stick with minecraft though. Its the best in my book and will soon (hopefully) will expand into something that is epic.

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