Maplestory, Addicting MMORPG!

Saturday, August 27, 2011 31 comments
Maplestory, Addicting MMORPG!

Maplestory is an extremely fun 2D platform scroller game loaded with cute graphics, mind blasting skills, a huge community, and a feature packed game! This game is filled with quests, party quests, bosses, and a wide variety of worlds to explore!

Publisher: Nexon
Community: Very High/Populated
Graphics: Medium and higher

Pros: -Huge amounts of character customization, -Ton of quests, -Huge community, -Many job's and skills to choose from, -Quick content updates
Cons: -At times can get repetitive (Grinding), -Easy to distribute stats incorrectly thus leading towards new character or spend RL cash to relocate stats.

Maplestory Overview/ Classes:

Maplestory is a very fun 2D scroller game, all classes level up to maximum level of 200 in which job advances are at 30, 70, and finally 120. Although this game gives off the vibe of a cartoony and childish graphics game it is also very fun, fast paced, competitive, but most importantly an anti-boredom game. All new players start off in a very informative tutorial island in which at level 10 are able to make there first class selection (level 8 for magicians).

Warriors- For the most part are pretty hard to level till 2nd and even late 2nd job due to its ability to use long range attacks and non-effective AOE attacks.
Character Job Splits-
Swordsman--->Fighter--->Crusader--->Hero (1h sword/axe 2h sword/axe oriented)
Swordsman--->Page--->White Knight--->Paladin (1h sword/mace 2h sword/mace oriented) 
Swordsman--->Spearmen--->Dragon Knight--->Dark Knight (Spear/Polearm oriented)

Magicians- I feel magicians level extremely in the lower levels and equally as fast in the later job advances due to its MASSIVE aoe skills.
Character Job Splits-
Magician--->Cleric--->Priest--->Bishop (Healing/Holy oriented)
Magician--->Fire/Poison Wizard--->Fire/Poison Mage--->Fire/Poison Archmage
Magician--->Ice/Lighting Wizard--->I/L Mage---> I/L Archmage

Bowman- Good at dealing long distance damage but very bad at close range due to not being able to attack when enemies are right next to you, leveling as a bowman is somewhat fast but not as fast quick as magicians.
Character Job Splits-


Thief's- Your typical thief in which you have thief related moves such as skills dealing with invisibility, daggers, stars, etc. Leveling is somewhat fast due to quick mobility and killing.
Character Job Splits-
Thief--->Assassin-Hermit--->Night Lord
Thief--->Bandit--->Chief Bandit--->Shadower

Pirates- Very interesting and well balanced class with a lot to choose from.
Character Job Splits-

Cyngus Knights/Dual Bladers/Aran's/Evans- All extremely interesting classes with a wide array of skills to choose from.

As you can see Maplestory is truly filled with a HUGE amount of classes and jobs to choose from to keep the game fresh and continually fun.

Party Quests:
A huge benefactor of what makes this game unique unlike other games are party quests, party quests can be closely compared to the raids/dungeons of World of Warcraft. You typically join together with a group of 4 other players and complete puzzles, stages, and fight an ending boss. Party quests will provide a good source of loot, mainly exp, and the fact that you gain new friends in the process.

Great to Just Relax:
In most cases Maplestory can almost be thought of as a huge real time facebook. A majority of the game will lounge around in the free market on collectable chairs and chat and talk about things. You can also hosts events and do little fun games to keep from getting bored. You dont have to only level and grind but you can also enjoy the chillaxin aspect of this wonderful game.

Final Verdict: Excellent
I urge all people to give this game a try and try something thats not your typical 3D game and to not get deterred by the "childish" game because in reality its much more than that! I have had great fun playing this game and also making new friends through this game!

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  • Kyle said...

    Really good and thorough review! I remember playing this game a while ago. I didn't get into it that much, but I could see that it was a well made game. Just not for me, I guess.

  • Dark_Charizard said...

    Your review gimme a few interest in Mapple History...
    Trivia: The only once time a virus arrives into a NASA Spaceship, was because an astronaut brougth his daugher notebook to the space, and the virus was a Mapple History account stealer.
    I'm out of the MMORPG, but maybe i'm gonna try this...
    Good think Team Fortress 2 now is F2P. That game filled my life.

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