Elephant Quest, Flash Game Worth Trying?

Friday, September 2, 2011 17 comments
Elephant quest is a 2D platformer flash game on the computer. Your character you play as indeed an elephant that has gotten its hat stolen by a wooly mammoth. You then embark on a journey collecting keys, bears, balloons, and talking to various NPC's on the semi big map.

Publisher: Armour Games

Multiplayer: No

Pros- Fun interactive game-play, nice sharp graphics,huge skill allocation selection, fast paced, good time consumer when bored.

Cons- Can get very repetitive at times, game can be beaten very quickly, game is relatively easy with no difficulty, can get boring


This game begins with you starting off as a cute little blue elephant with one little laser that you can use to fight off the bad people! The controls for this game is very easy and straightforward, hold left click and annihilate enemy's and WASD to move while space bar will let you jump. You will begin you quests and move onto one section of the world where you will fight and find quest items(I.E. Balloons/teddy bears/keys) and kill mobs to level up. The keys you find will enable you to find unlock more areas of the world thus slowly getting yourself closer and closer to your arch nemesis the Wooly Mammoth.

Skill Distribution

In this game, upon level up you will recieve points in which you can locate into a grid chart.
Like shown on the right for each point you spend to open up a box to a new road you get either dex, agi, int,or HP. Each attribute will allow you to then raise your main skills such as, obtaining new followers to help you kill, jump higher, better aim, stronger firepower, the ability to be more "cute", and even galloping(thats what elephants do right? haha) faster.

Personal Opinions

This game is definitely better then most flash games out there but is also definitely not the best. Its very good for playing if your bored and need to pass time but once you beat it, its pretty much your never going to play it again. Another thing is they should probably up the difficulty on this game because even at the end game boss I was able to beat it without even getting hit more than once. Something else I look forward to the future though is some type of expansion or extension to Elephant Quest. Overall its a well built flash game that can keep you busy for 1-2 hours but then falls repetitive after that.
Final Verdict- Very Good


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    Armor Games is like a game development label right? I always see their games everywhere. The ones I've played have been quality, so I'm definitely going to check this out

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