Skyrim Review: Has the Hype Been True?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011 6 comments

Skyrim a new game created by Bethesda  has been waited for very anxiously by gamers around the world with prospects of an amazingly fun and interactive RPG. The anxious gamers definitely don't need to be anxious anymore and can be confident saying that Skyrim has to be one of the greatest RPG games ever made for the PS3, Xbox 360, and computer.

This game is quite amazing in that the amount of quests and gameplay available will keep your playing your characters of hundreds of hours of fun interactive gameplay. Everything from the monsters you encounter, graphical surroundings, and certain extremely realistic aspects of this game make it enjoyable and fun for hours on end.

Skyrim has quite a unique talent tree workout where each constellation in the sky actually represents a certain element of the game such as destruction magic, one handed swords, two handed swords, leather armor, heavy armor, and many more.

The amount of quests available in this game are in the hundreds if not thousands. Aside from the main quest that you can choose to continue or do whenever you feel like there you can do various side quests ranging from becoming the master of a guild, helping someone kill someone, saving someones life, or just clearing out someones rat infestation problem.

At many times during the game the great sound that's implemented into this game is on a totally different level in that it can make you sad, scared, nervous, and a vibe of a totally epic feeling.

A few issues encountered along the way are various bugs that still need to be worked out and a few frame rate dropping issues but other then that the game is pretty flawless considering how vast it is. Also at often times it can be quite frustrating to how many times you die so its definitely important to save after every fight because you don't want to find yourself dying by some random mob and start 30 minutes before!

Overall this is an amazing game that definitely deserves some attention if your into RPG games or even just looking forward to buying a console game. This game will deliver you hundreds of hours of gaming content that will leave you feeling happy!


  • Vague Raconteur said...

    As a PC gamer, this is the epitome of games. What always makes it amazing are the mods - you can mod it to your hearts content, with fans making endless amounts of extra content, improvements, and keeping it beautiful.

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