Smartphones, Whats Best in its Categories?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011 20 comments
You must always be curious as to what kind of smartphone is best for its specific feature, well today I'm here to give you my opinions on exactly that. Camera quality? Battery life? Performance?...

 Listed Reviewed Features
-Battery Life
-Future Holds for Us?

Round 1 Display:
When you look for a fun you always a nice bright, awesome looking display or else your phone is instantly unappealing and boring to look at. Ever since iPhones/HTC's/ETC have been released the bigger the screen seems to be the better. Definitely the upcoming Sprint 3-D HTC Evo will be something on your wishlist but I will tell you what is best for current times. The winner would have to be the iPhone 4 because of its super clear pix-elated screen, 3.5-inch screen, extreme brightness, color accuracy, and so even though the phone is not the usual 4-inch screen like most HTC phones the display far surpass the Evo's, and it also doesn't hurt to have Corning Gorilla Glass which is harder, more scratch resistant, and more durable then your average screen.
Winner! iPhone 4
Round 2 Camera:
Who doesn't love having a ultra high def camera on your phone so you don't have to lug around that heavy clunky camera? Today's phones all offer extreme clear images that click of a finger! In my opinion the Android Inspire 4'Gs HTC Sense is a clear winner for picture quality. It is definitely the best well rounded phone there is if its for resolution, flash, and still image quality. The only thing that falls in comparison to is close up in which the iPhone 4 wins by a long shot.
Winner! Inspire 4G
Battery Life:
Something that every buyer of a phone would love is an extremely long battery life where your phone will last days without charging and not dying when you need the most. Figuring out which phone had the longest battery life was definitely hard because of how many different factors can affect a phones battery life. Some phones that are not half bad are the BlackBerry Bold 9780 or Motorola Atrix 4G with both using 3G, internet, and the occasional checking of twitter/FB/etc lasted a decent amount of time on one charge. But once again the winner has to be the iPhone 4 which can last days without charging with minimal data usage. For the iPhone 4 to have such a small battery its amazing how long it can last!

Winner! iPhone 4

The Ericsson Xperia Play wins by a long shot when it comes to gaming because of its strong processor it can run some amazing games that you usually only see on a console or computer.
Winner Sony Ericsson Xperia Play
So what should we expect in the future of smartphone technology? The new Altek Leo will come up with both the characteristics of cell phone and camera. With its 14MP camera quality, high def screen, HD video recording, and insane performance. It will definitely change the future of what phones will look like!


  • This Guy said...

    Iphone is pretty much the best! I have a 3gs and I find the the best phone i ever had since the Motorola v300! Yes, I went old school on all y'alls asses :)

  • pv said...

    the upcoming htc phones and with the new Android update in the horizon will bring a whole new set of stuff. Cant forget the iPhone 5 of course

  • Roger said...

    Personally I am an adroid fan because of the customization factor, but I still think that iOS has the most fluid OS in the mobile industry. Android is great but still has a long way to go.

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