Facebook Timeline, Even more Changes.

Thursday, September 22, 2011 9 comments

If your satisfied or even not satisfied of the changes that Mark Zuckerberg is making you should be prepared for a lot more where that came from!
One of the biggest thing to look forward to in the new future is the the new Facebook Timeline! Its something to have never been done before where it will revolutionize the way we socially network.

Main Points
  • a timeline including all your stories/updates
  • every application you use
  • a new way to show what your up to, where your at, and what your doing
  • and also a new program/app called Spotify which will notify others of what your listening to and what playlist songs are on your page.
Now when the new feature comes out you will have a even bigger picture on your profile page! 

Personally this is a pretty big update which will need some getting used to but I guess on the bright side you can predict some major stalking.


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